作者:Jamie Cool

Microsoft Corporation






The .NET Application Updater Component


Included with this whitepaper is a component for enabling .NET client applications to automatically update themselves. The component was written using the .NET Framework and enables you to make your application auto-updatable simply by dropping the component into your existing .NET applications and setting a few properties (ex. where to get updates from).


This component is not a Microsoft product. It is intended as a sample to get you started and as such the source is also included with this whitepaper. However, it is worth mentioning that this component has gotten a fair amount of real world use already. It has been used internally in Microsoft to enable auto-updatability in the .NET Terrarium game (<http://www.gotdotnet.com/terrarium/>). Terrarium has been installed and used by over 10,000 individuals since it was first unveiled as a beta product in October, 2001.

该组件不是微软的产品。它将被试图作为一个示例使得你能够开始,并且与该白皮书一起的还有尽可能多的资源。不过,值得提出的是该组件在真实应用中已经被大量的使用。在微软内部用.NET开发的游戏Terrarium的自动更新就使用了该组件(<http://www.gotdotnet.com/terrarium/>)。从2001年十月 Terrarium露出面纱到现在,已经被超过1万多个人用户安装并使用。

This component will be the basis for the discussion of what it takes to make an application auto-updatable. This paper will focus on how the .NET Application Updater component works and how you can use it in your own application.