Graylog2 v0.92.1 发布,Syslog 日志存储

Graylog2 v0.92.1 发布,此版本是个 bug 修复版本,没有新特性添加。

相比 Graylog2 0.92.0 版本的 bug 修复内容:

  • [SERVER] Fixed name resolution and overriding sources for network inputs.

  • [SERVER] Fixed wrong delimiter in GELF TCP input.

  • [SERVER] Disabled the output cache by default. The output cache is
    the source of all sorts of interesting problems. If you want to keep
    using it, please read the upgrade notes below.

  • [SERVER] Fixed message timestamps in GELF output.

  • [SERVER] Fixed connection counter for network inputs.

  • [SERVER] Added warning message if the receive buffer size (SO_RECV) couldn't be set for network inputs.

  • [WEB] Improved keyboard shortcuts with most modal dialogs (e. g.
    hitting Enter submits the form instead of just closing the dialogs).

  • [WEB] Upgraded to play2-graylog2 1.2.1 (compatible with Play 2.3.x and Java 7).


Graylog2 是一个用来将系统日志syslog保存到MongoDB中的工具。 包括一个用Java编写的服务器,可接收来自TCP和UDP的syslog信息,Web接口使用Ruby编写,基于 Rails 框架,可用来查看日志信息。