Barman 1.4.0 发布,PostgreSQL 备份和恢复管理器

Barman 1.4.0 发布,此版本最主要的功能是文件级别增量备份功能,每次完整备份数据重复数据删除率很容易就能达到 50-70%,显著降低了备份时间和磁盘空间。

PostgreSQL 9.4 可以集成 Barman 的 "pg_stat_archiver" 视图。此版本还改进了 WAL 文件管理,优化 WAL 静态统计数据的计算。相关的单元测试使得代码更健壮,同时还修复了一些 bug。



  • Incremental base backup implementation through the "reuse_backup"
       global/server option. Possible values are "off" (disabled, default),
       "copy" (preventing unmodified files from being transferred) and
       "link" (allowing for deduplication through hard links).

  • Store and show deduplication effects when using "reuse_backup=link".

  • Added transparent support of pg_stat_archiver (PostgreSQL 9.4) in
       "check", "show-server" and "status" commands.

  • Improved administration by invoking WAL maintenance at the end of a
       successful backup.

  • Changed the way unused WAL files are trashed, by differentiating
       between concurrent and exclusive backup cases.

  • Improved performance of WAL statistics calculation.

  • Treat a missing pg_ident.conf as a WARNING rather than an error.

  • Refactored output layer by removing remaining "yield" calls.

  • Check that rsync is in the system path.

  • Include history files in WAL management.

  • Improved robustness through more unit tests.

  • Fixed bug #55: Ignore fsync EINVAL errors on directories.

  • Fixed bug #58: retention policies delete.


Barman (备份和恢复管理器) for PostgreSQL 是 PostgreSQL 数据库服务器的灾难恢复工具,允许远程备份多个服务器,帮助 DBA 在数据恢复阶段的关键工作。